Saturday, February 12, 2011

To the readers

At no point in the history of this blog has the site ever been updated in a regular or timely manner, but posts have been even rarer than usual in recent months. A look through the archives of this blog shows that postings here peaked in mid-2008, with a gradual descent since then. Since the fall of 2010, posts have averaged around one a month. While I don't want to exclude the possibility that this blog may be revived at some point in the future, it seems likely that TBWCTW is entering a dormant period, at least for the time being. My sense is that the original purpose of this blog has been served, that my perspective on most important subjects has been set out, and that by keeping this site active I run the risk of either repeating myself or lowering my standard of writing.

I'd like to thank everyone who read this blog through its three-and-a-bit years of operation, and particularly those who participated in discussions in the comment box. I've appreciated this opportunity to think aloud in public, and to bounce ideas off people that I would likely never have encountered otherwise.

I am not committing myself to any permanent course of action with this blog; the existing posts will stay up, and I will keep the site free of spam as best as I can. If you are still interested in TBWCTW, you might consider subscribing to the site feed, which will be updated in the event of any new developments. It is entirely possible that this site will at some point be resurrected, or revived in a new form; on the other hand, it's possible that neither of these things may happen.

And with that, I think it's dinnertime.