Sunday, January 24, 2010

A memorandum to politicians

or: Three Truths Which, If Broadly Accepted By Major Players Of All Political Persuasions, Would Render The Current Level of Political Discourse Significantly Less Appalling Than It Is At Present

  1. Nothing as complex as North American society can be managed using a single set of ideological principles. Rather, the maintenance of social order depends on a variety of different methods of operating, most of which exist in a constant state of tension.
  2. It is perfectly possible for intelligent, well-informed people with the best interests of society at heart to disagree fundamentally on all major political issues.
  3. Human nature is the root cause of all abuses of power. Transferring power from one elite to another (business, state, aristocracy, or whatever) will thus never be effective for the long term in remedying any social ill.

Move along.

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