Monday, June 15, 2009


The Queen's birthday honours list this year includes the superb pianist Mitsuko Uchida (h/t Alex Ross), as well as two noteworthy organists and church musicians: concert organist Simon Preston, formerly of Westminster Abbey, and the redoubtable Stephen Cleobury, director of music at King's College, Cambridge. The complete list of honorees is here.

Regular posting is likely to resume after I complete a bloody ritual known as "moving". How on earth did I accumulate so many books?


Christine said...

Books seek out dark shelf corners in which to mate. They are like coat hangers. I am convinced.

frindley said...

Take comfort in the thought that books are, for the most part, compact, regularly shaped things that lend themselves rather well to being boxed up. (The only thing easier is a library of CDs.) My trick is to group approximately by dimensions – instead of by author – before I begin packing. Good luck!

Steven said...

I have an extra (complete) OED that I thought you might want. Mind if I bring it round today?