Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A part of our heritage

Glenn Gould as himself and as Karlheinz Klopweisser, from a CBC promo. Via the indispensable UbuWeb.


shogart said...


That's WONderful!

jofrid said...

wtf...he only played for the last 4 seconds of the commercial and even THEN he couldn't resist the urge to hum!

Osbert Parsley said...

I wonder sometimes if some portion of Gould's eccentricity wasn't part of his stage persona. TV commercials need to be carefully prepared down to the split second - surely he could have done another take if he didn't want the humming on the final version? And surely he wasn't so enraptured by the music - which appears to be a station ID jingle - as not to notice what he was doing?