Monday, April 13, 2009

Os justi

Most people know Anton Bruckner for his symphonies. However, like many other famous composers, Bruckner began his career as an organist, and wrote much a cappella choral music for the Catholic church. Here, for example, is his "Os justi", in a particularly fine rendition by a small vocal ensemble:
Liturgically, the work is intended as the Gradual for the feast of a doctor of the church; however, its text, from Psalm 37, is suitable for a variety of occasions. A good thing, too, because very few churches continue to use the Proper of the Mass in any recognizable form. The Alleluia at the end, however, means that it could easily find a place in the season following Easter.

Out of interest, I spent some time refreshing my memory about the life of this interesting composer. Bruckner's Wikipedia article provides this useful factoid:
A devout Catholic who loved to drink beer, Bruckner was out of step with his contemporaries.
Priceless! Thank you, Wikipedia.

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Dan said...

Thanks for posting that - you may have saved Bruckner for me.