Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A warm welcome to visitors arriving from ChoralNet, where my Eric Whitacre post has attracted a certain amount of controversy. Whatever one might say about the man's music, the fact that a contemporary classical composer can be the subject of such intense controversy is a really terrific sign for the health of the choral community.

Today is March 25th, which is host to the following three musician birthdays:

-Bela Bartok
-Arturo Toscanini
-Elton John

Cleverer minds than mine will have to come up with some sort of musical tribute that will link these three somehow. In life, they had no connection whatsoever: Toscanini is not associated with Bartok's music (certainly his recorded catalogue doesn't include any Bartok), and both men died before Elton John was born. By a strange twist of fate, however, the three of them will remain extricably linked for all eternity, or something.

Regular programming will resume shortly.

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