Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sketches for a recital that no-one will attend

Jonathan Harvey - Laus Deo (1969)
Bengt Hambraeus - Nebulosa (1969)
Mauricio Kagel - Selections from Rrrrrrr - - (1984)
James MacMillan - Le tombeau de Georges Roualt (2003)
Olivier Messiaen - Selections from Livre du Saint-Sacrement (1984)

I've been threatening to do a concert like this for years - nothing but hardcore modern and postmodern music! Now, I've decided it's finally time to go ahead with the idea. You now have sufficient lead time to come up with a good excuse to be out of town.

Depending on how much of the Messiaen I want to play, I might also throw in Kagel's Improvisation ajoutee. This is, of course, very much dependent on finding two registration assistants who are willing and able to add and remove stops at extremely specific intervals, shout things in French, and sing a line of music during the performance.

My working title: Evil, Unlistenable, Awful, Horrible, Incomprehensible Modern "Music"


Steven said...

Bring it on!

shogart said...

Um... I think I have to... wash my hair...