Sunday, September 14, 2008

A modest proposal

When your organist friends ask you how your day went, why not save time by replying with hymn numbers? (Numbers in this post are taken from the Canadian Book of Common Praise, 1998).

Excellent: 300, 624, 529
Good: 1, 84, 330
Average: 167, 350
Not great: 60, 239
Bad: 423, 502, 532
Abysmal: 227, 128, 460.


Steven said...

So how was your day?

Osbert Parsley said...

Well, I originally decided to post this because we actually sang 227 this morning. Between having to play "Israel Came Out of Egypt" and a stuck G on the pedalboard, I'd say that my morning could be fairly described as a 227.

My afternoon, however, was closer to a 330, driving the average to about a 239. If we continue at this pace, we could be up to a 167 by nightfall.

Anne said...