Thursday, September 18, 2008

Le tombeau de Kagel

The publisher C. F. Peters has just announced the death of prominent composer Mauricio Kagel, after a long illness. Requiscat in pace.

I didn't know Kagel's music as well as I would like, which is a pity, as I've always liked his characteristic blend of historicism and wacky humour. The few Kagel scores which exist for organ are mostly quite difficult to play (the Improvisation Ajoutee and a Fantasie for organ and tape are the best known), but the one I always wanted to learn was Rrrrrrr - -, a suite of organ pieces which all begin with the letter R. (Kagel wrote similar Rrrrrrr suites for other instruments and ensembles.) I'll be having another listen to his music in days to come, and taking another look at those organ scores.

On a totally different note, I have seen the future of church music, and its title is "The Renewed Mind is the Key to the Christ in Me":
via Countercritic

This has been bouncing around the blogosphere for a while, it seems. A quick Google search reveals that this song was recorded not in 1982 but in 2007, and is the product of a Biblical research group in Ohio. Those of you with strong stomachs can also view other performances by their "Prevailing Way Chorus Choir", including a rendition of "Ein feste' Burg".

Edit: "The Renewed Mind" has disappeared both from YouTube and from the original source website.


diplomatizer said...

"Prayer isn't the only way to praise God"

That being said, that performance was downright FRIGHTENING.

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Dag, skippy, now they've taken that video down from their own website as well.