Monday, June 30, 2008

This and that

A box of mini-posts for a Monday evening:
  • My letter to the editor regarding the turmoil at CBC appears in today's Globe and Mail. It says nothing that I haven't treated in exhaustive, even agonizing detail elsewhere, but if you're willing to do some sleuthing you can find it easily enough.
  • A. C. Douglas is blogging excerpts from Nicholas Slonimsky's Lexicon of Musical Invective, the indispensable index to negative reviews of now-canonical pieces. My copy isn't at hand at the moment, but I remember it with great fondness. Read George Bernard Shaw tearing into Brahms's German Requiem, or wince at the dreadful anti-Stravinsky doggerel that appeared in American papers after early performances of Le Sacre du Printemps. (These timeless poems, including the immortal "Who wrote this fiendish Rite of Spring", form a witty song cycle by Henry Cowell.)
  • Paul Jacobs is on a mission to convert the continent's leading music critics to fans of the pipe organ.
  • David Sinden is lobbying for more interesting names for the Sundays after Trinity, a mission which I fully support.
  • The Comics Curmudgeon is still blogging about comics.
  • It's Esa-Pekka Salonen's birthday! Alex Ross has details, as does Tim Mangan, but Mangan wins the prize for using the most Finnish. What a cool language.
I had intended to post this on Stravinsky's own birthday, which fell on the 17th, but completely forgot. So Salonen's birthday seems like a suitable excuse:

Now playing: Improvisations on Virginal Pieces by Giles Farnaby, op. 50, by Edmund Rubbra. So sue me - I really like twentieth-century orchestral arrangements of English Renaissance dance music!

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shogart said...

Um. I think David Sinden's blog may just be my new favourite... you may regret having posted that link as you watch your readership decline in favour of his. ("...serves lasagna, overhand, as an example to many and on ecclesiastical juries...")