Saturday, May 10, 2008

Performance injuries

Casualties incurred this week:

accidental cuts to fingers with kitchen knives - 3
accidental cuts to fingers with cheese grater - 1
accidental cuts to fingers with broken glass - 1
huge blisters caused by playing too many glissandi - 1
accidental cuts to left ear with razor - 1

(Who cuts their ear while shaving? Who?)

Simple-minded people may assume that these tragic injuries were a result of my usual clumsiness amplified by nerves as I approached a week of important performances. But I know better - I am the target of an anti-Williamson cabal, determined to submerge all Australian-British serial music forever. Well, it won't work!


Alice said...

You need some of these:

Frank Pesci, Jr. said...

I cut my ear shaving, but then again I shave my head.
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