Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A misunderstanding

Accompanied a performance this afternoon for a group of public school students and spent an amusing few minutes perusing student artwork on display on the walls. A series of illustrations of animals were accompanied by explanatory captions:

"Do lions roar? Yes, they do."
"I like cats, because they have fur."
"Penguins cannot fly."
"Jesuits are good."


This must be the first time a child has ever listed their favourite animals as lions, cats, penguins and Jesuits. Not only that, but this was a secular school; did teachers approve of this all-consuming interest?

I asked the teacher who put up the artwork. Turns out the inscription was actually "Seals are good swimmers", with the final word tucked in at the bottom of the page.

One day, I will get an up-to-date prescription for eyeglasses, but at times I wonder if this will drain all the joy out of my life.

And, from the department of Surreal Conversations with Taxicab Dispatchers:

Osbert: I'd like to arrange for a taxicab pickup at [address] at 7:15.
Dispatcher: Right. Ummmm. . . eighteen, nineteen, twenty. . .
Osbert: Pardon?
Dispatcher: I'm trying to figure out what time I should put into my computer. We're on military time here, you see.
Osbert: Well, in that case the time you want is 19:15.
Dispatcher: Oh! I didn't know you were a military man!

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Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Jesuits. I sang the Messiah and then went out drinking with a number of them a few months ago. It was good times, homie.

I wonder what other animals the child in question likes "because they have fur."