Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good Morning!

A warm welcome to those arriving here from ChoralNet, where a number of TBWCTW (what an acronym!) posts have been featured recently. Make yourselves comfortable, and try not to get too disappointed by the backlog of posts that have nothing to do with choral music and are, instead, about things like Tom Stoppard, ringtones, Middle English, and the weather.

This sudden upsurge in site traffic is a bit scary for a novice blogger who died in the late sixteenth century. A certain self-consciousness sets in when you realize you're performing for an audience. Should I post more often? Less often? Should I rhapsodize at length about obscure topics, or should I just post pictures and YouTube videos? The honest answer is that I'll write whatever and whenever I feel like, but even this is a form of conformity in a medium where fearless iconoclasm is practically a prerequisite. What if I write a blog post which is about thinking about writing blog posts? Oooh, that'd be so postmodern.

1 comment:

Philip L. Copeland said...

Hi Angry Organist . . .

I'm the one that found your blog and featured it on ChoralNet. You write some interesting posts so I wanted others to see them.

Enjoy the notoriety . . . we're watching!