Saturday, February 23, 2008

Take that, piano!

A lot of organists go through a stage of extreme disenchantment with the piano, usually around the time they switch permanently to the organ. I certainly did; when I started playing the organ I was struck by the tonal variety of the instrument in contrast to what then seemed the monochromatic sound of the piano. The instruments are really opposites, of course. the piano's sound is essentially black-and-white, but it's easy to provide intermediate shades of grey by varying your touch on the keyboard. The organ has lots of tonal variety, but the smooth dynamic changes of the piano are almost impossible. The same applies to articulation; the piano is essentially a percussion instrument which tries very hard to produce sustained tone, while the organ can sustain tone for as long as you want but has difficulty being incisive and rhythmic.

As usual, I've wandered into the realm of pseudo-philosophical ruminations where what I really wanted to say was "Hey guys! It's a video of a piano going into a shredder! Ha ha!"

(via Classical Convert)


Alice said...

Okay, that's pretty disturbing...

SadOatcakes said...

Ha Ha!

Try this one: