Sunday, February 17, 2008

Schedule of an organist's madcap Sunday

8:30 AM: Stride confidently out the door, prepared for a brisk, ten-minute walk to church and a successful service!
8:30:01 AM: The porch and steps are sheer ice! Barely avoid major accident. Mental note: buy road salt.
8:31 AM: Belay that; everything is sheer ice. Cars are creeping along the road at approximately 15 km/hr, and they're STILL skidding and fish-tailing all over the place.
8:40 AM: Have successfully traversed three blocks without being killed.
8:45 AM: Lose control on icy sidewalk and very nearly slide into the path of a bus. Stop just in time.
8:55 AM: Reach totally unnavigable portion of sidewalk. By totally unnavigable, I mean that it was on a very slight incline. Fed up. Start walking through two-foot-high snowdrifts, as this is the only way to get any traction.
9:05 AM: Church finally reached, in more than triple the usual time.
9:06 AM: Realize that the new book of responsorial psalm settings hasn't arrived yet.
9:07 AM: Write a responsorial psalm.
9:15 AM: Practice voluntaries: the Howells Rhapsody no. 3 and "Via del silenzio" by Czech composer Lubos Sluka.
9:45 AM: Rehearse choir.
10:30 AM: Service begins.
12:00 PM: Service ends. It went well! The choir outdid themselves in the anthem (Oldroyd's "Prayer to Jesus", if you must know).
12:30 PM: Reach home. Ice has cleared, but now it is raining and the sidewalks are giant puddles. Yay.
1:40 PM: Depart for Faure Requiem performance.
2:00 PM: Dress for Faure Requiem.
3:30 PM: Performance of Faure Requiem.
5:00 PM: Performance over. Realize I have to be at another rehearsal in half an hour. Begin hitch-hiking routine.
5:30 PM: Rehearse for flute recital.
6:00 PM: Finish rehearsing for flute recital. Realize it's my turn to bring refreshments to chamber choir rehearsal.
6:02 PM: Begin wading to nearest corner store.
6:40 PM: Success! Refreshments obtained. Approach other chamber choir members to whine about my horrible day. They seem underwhelmed.
7:00 PM: Rehearsal begins.
9:08 PM: Rehearsal ends.
10:33 PM: Blog.


Alice said...


How did the Faure go?

Osbert Parsley said...

I could have used those yesterday, but I'd never in my wildest dreams have thought to buy them - I've never in my life experienced such slippery roads and sidewalks! This has been the weirdest winter in a long while.

Faure went well, though - the choir dragged a lot, and kept pulling the tempi down, but I was happy with my playing.