Saturday, February 2, 2008

Liturgical Update

You'll be pleased to learn that I've continued to integrate silly church music conceits into my music lists since I last wrote on the subject. For example, last week was "Composers that Begin With 'V' Week", with organ voluntaries by Louis Vierne and an anthem by Victoria. This week is "Five Centuries of Church Music" week, and so we have an organ prelude from the eighteenth century (Bach: the underplayed BWV 663 setting of "Allein Gott"), communion music from the seventeenth century (Frescobaldi: one of the elevation toccatas, which I play despite - or perhaps because of - the fact that I know absolutely nothing about the style and couldn't read the tablature to save my life), and hymn tunes from the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. The choir is singing an anthem by Thomas Attwood, which unfortunately duplicates a century we've already covered (they just couldn't get the Ockeghem up in time!) and the twentieth century is represented by a William Mathias organ postlude (the Processional - not his best piece, but lies well under the hands and congregations seem to like it.)

I ought to teach a course in liturgical planning; most of the music lists I see are much less subtle than this. For the season of Lent, I'm going to arrange the composers on my music list so the the first initials of the composers' names, read from top to bottom, spell "Self-Abnegation."


Alice said...

So there will be no Parsley on the list?

Osbert Parsley said...

I've never actually performed any music by my namesake, for some reason - and so I don't have any scheduled for this Lent season. "Osbert" would fit, though, in the "-tion" suffix.

Alice said... by "first initials" you mean first initials, not last initials? (Shows how well I read...)