Sunday, January 20, 2008

Various and Sundry

Today's Silly Church Music Conceit:
Today was "Twentieth-Century German Neoclassicism" day at Osbert's church! Before the service, parishioners were treated to a partita by Ernst Pepping; afterwards, they exited to the strains of Hindemith's second organ sonata. One could almost sense the excitement. That nothing else in the service accorded with this theme bothers me not a whit - the contrast set off the two neoclassicists beautifully. The choir laughed when I explained to them that their Mozart anthem was intended to demonstrate the shared cultural heritage of both Hindemith and Pepping. Well, who's loffan now?

Today's Birthdays:
Happy birthday to Ernest Chausson, Walter Piston, and Yvonne Loriod, the brilliant pianist-wife of the late Olivier Messiaen. All wonderful people, so I'll forgive them for not inviting me to their birthday parties. (I am informed of the above by one of my new prized possessions, the Music Diary 2008 from Boosey and Hawkes. It is amazing, and has musician birthdays for every day of the year.)

Today's Unnecessary Label:
Pepping. Am I ever going to post on him again? It seems unlikely.

Today's Bad Pun:
Hahahaha! Llangloffan! Didya get it?

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