Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh, why NOT.

I'm deeply ambivalent about starting a blog. On the one hand, everyone already seems to have one of the stupid things, from Geoffrey Chaucer to your elderly aunt who blogs about the adventures of her cats. Why would anything I could write serve any useful purpose?

On the other hand, there seems to be a definite lack of organ-related blogs on the Internet. Why is this? (Answer: Because organists are Luddites.) As a result, I see very little representation of issues that are important to me, such as liturgical planning, the lopsided representation of the organ literature in recital settings, reed voicing, standardizing the spelling of the word "Gedackt", and the death/non-death/eye colour of traditional church music. If I want to see these issues addressed, I'm going to have to discuss them myself.

The clincher, though, is that I have a lot of iconoclastic opinions about subjects normal people don't care about and, for my own sake, I find it expedient to put them in writing. So:

"And therefore, whoso list it nat y-here,
Turne over the leef, and chese another [blog].
For he shal finde ynowe, grete and smale,
Of storial thing that toucheth gentillesse,
And eek moralitee and holinesse.
Blameth nat me if that ye chese amis."

(Miller's Tale, 3176-81)

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